Les Petits-déjeuners de la Fashion Tech
In order to step back and prepare in the best conditions SP21 & FW21
swipe to Webin 'airs and will present you the best tech tools solutions for fashion, luxury and retai sector

Present on a short format & on a weekly basis the latest 4.0 cutting edge technology for the retail, luxury & fashion bringing large revenue growth leverages thanks to digital


Sales potential detection at the design collection stage  (data analytics - machine learning)

Founder & speaker : Julie Evans

Visuals automation for e-commerce sites and social networks (Computer vision - GAN)

Founder & speaker : Maxime Patte

Transparency & Sustainability Audit gestion du risque réputationnel - (Connectivité - Big data - data analytics)

Founder & speaker : Sanâa Khadir

Marketing insights - Customer journey - Marketing 1to1 (IA - Big data - data analytics)

Founder & speaker : Matthieu Dejardinsr

Find your face for you next marketing campaign (IA - Computer vision- Facial recognition)

Founder & speaker : Céline Delaugère