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Why ?

The idea to organize Fashion breakfasts comes from 2 outcomes :

- On one side, there is a large French & European offers and expertise in artificial intelligence, computer vision, big and deep data, phygital, chatbot, voicebot, blockchain…

- On the other side, competition within th Fashion industry is getting harder to conquer consumers who became not only switcher but highly influenced bu social networks. 3 out 4 buyings are nowadays influenced by the so called social networks.

Integrating #tech innovation in Fashion for retailers and brands is Key vs competitors. The ones who succeed are the ones who integrale at an early stage innovative solutions and tools. To be sucessful, all the internal team need to understand those competitive tools.

At last, consumers or consum 'actors are getting more and more aware thanks to social networks and connexion and are looking for ethical and sustainable development in the fashion industry. #Sustainability


Bringing on a short format, a presentation of Fashion & retail tech start-ups with innovative projects to solve these above issues with an efficient networking along a breakfast


Mojix, international and leading company on the Internet of things (RFID, NFC…) and on the item chain management for the luxury and retail sector will present its digitisation solution. Available on a Saas platform, its application allows :
- Authentification and circularity : grey market & counterfeit management, second hand business
- Traceability from end to end : product's availability, localisation
- Transparency : materials traceability, origin, know-how...

#big data #data#digital integrity #RFID #NFC#Sustainability#circular transparency #Blockchain

New York City based Blue Bite is working to improve lives by connecting people and information through physical products.
They achieve this by helping brands protect against counterfeiting, tell their story, and become more sustainable. Blue Bite works with brands like Google, Samsung, Pinko, Mr & Mrs, adidas, and Bvlgari to innovate their products.

#data #bigdata #RFID #NFC #consumer experience

Which vocal identity for brands at the boom era of the vocal assistants : Alexa, Google Home, Siri…? Voxygen, leading company on the text to speech technology has developped over 20 years of R&D. Voxygen's most famous voices are Simone, SNCF French train station voice, voices for BNP Paribas and HelloBank, Interactive servers EDF, Bouygues Telecom or Orange. ... but as well the voice of King Louis XIV on the twitter account for Canal + Serie or more recently Santa Claus'voice for What's app app for Bougyes Telecom Voxygen will demonstrate its expressive speech technology to emerge at the GAFA era and promote a close relationship with consumer's.

#voicebot #data #AI #consumer experiences #customer service

Stroke by Rana Plaza collapse in 2013 (over 1100 dead people and 2500 injured) while audits were positive regarding that clothing factory , Sanâa KHADIR, founder wants to bring more transparency on the value chain production. Fair Makers interrogates in real time managers & workers without any biais on the working, security, environmental conditions thanks to new connectivity technologies & data analytics. It allows more transparencies on the value chain production to the consumers and Gen Z for whom it is their first concerns.

#data #big data #data analytics #sustainability
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Funded by Arthur de Soultrait, funder of French sportchic brand Vicomte A., Thunderstone installs connected devices at wholesalers ' doors. Those plaftorm gives in real time the unified brand's stock in order to better serve consumers, giving them the products without losing any sales. Deliveries are done at home or in-store. In addition, Thunderstone is opening in 2020 100% phygital boutique in malls in France. Additional turnover with a consumer centric approach and a phygital experience for consumers.

#phygital #consumer experiences #consumer centrice approach #data #big data

for whom ?

For decision taking person within brands, either chief executive officer, chief digital offer, chief marketing offer, logistic director, whom who participate to the digital transformation...