Why ?

The idea to organize Fashion breakfasts
comes from 2 outcomes

On one side, there is a large French & European offers and expertise in artificial intelligence, computer vision, big and deep data, phygital, chatbot, voicebot, blockchain…

On the other side, competition within th Fashion industry is getting harder to conquer consumers who became not only switcher but highly influenced by social networks. 3 out 4 buyings are nowadays influenced by the so called social networks.

Integrating #tech innovation in Fashion for retailers and brands is Key vs competitors.

At last, consumers or consum 'actors are getting more and more aware thanks to social networks and are looking for ethical and sustainable development in the fashion industry. #Sustainability


Bringing on a short format, presentation of fashion & retail tech start-ups with innovative projects to solve these above issues with an efficient networking along a breakfast

for whom ?

For decision taking person within brands, either chief executive officer, chief digital offer, chief marketing offer, logistic director, whom who participate to the digital transformation...